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Meet Dr. Jesse A. Stoff; a highly-credentialed medical expert studying all medical remedies in pursuit of resolving the most challenging health issues of our time. In many circles, he is recognized for his 35+ years of dedicated work in immunology and advanced clinical research in modern CANCER treatments. He has spoken worldwide in some of the most sought-after medical conferences about his experiences and analyses on the study of human disease.

Dr. Stoff is driven to bring 'absolute wellness" to patients diagnosed with chronic diseases (including Cancers and Auto-immune disorders). Research and implementation of the safest and most effective protocols is his tireless mission to make a difference where so few are equipped to tread. Decades into this vast discipline has recently become a fast growing medical trend in some of the largest medical centers in the U.S. Meanwhile, his integrative practice - INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE OF NY (Garden City, NY) has been continually providing all patients with the many comprehensive clinical options and modalities available. Dr. Stoff published the first truly comprehensive book on ONCO-IMMUNOLOGY, the science of battling cancer cells and reversing pre-cancerous conditions through a complete prevention program that has earned him great success in this field.

Alongside his commitment to the medical community, Dr. Stoff has also been extremely active in the public sector with some of the most active foundations for cancer research fundraising. He has invested much of himself to the development of prevention programs and publishing countless articles and books on cancers and how to stay in remission. His recent project, Awareness for a Cure unites some of the most respected charities, funding sources and health associations into one accessible resource to bring support for the cancer patient or survivor.


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Published Works
Onco-Immunology for Dummies (pilot) Available | Order Online Available Available Available Available
Recently Published

Published Jan, 2019- HINDAWI JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY: Volume 2019, Article ID 7462513 / 14pgs.(
Over the years, the treatment of patients with cancer has varied widely as much because of recent advancements in science and medicine as the philosophies that belie their use. This paper briefly describes many of the prevailing approaches in use today with an attempt to offer some perspective of how to apply these disparate methodologies so that they may be more effectively integrated, resulting in consistently better clinical responses. There are two basic characteristics of cancer: genetic instability and the propensity to metastasize. Based upon this, there are nonspecific medicaments that should be considered in all cases to help stabilize the mutated genetics. Laboratory testing will clarify the ongoing need for these agents and others in their class. As a starting point, they are a safe and efficacious place to begin therapy. The other hallmarks of cancer will be addressed with the strategies that follow.. (see article)

Published on Feb 25, 2017- Feature coverage of a report about the health of our US drinking water on Long Island. Sparked by Flint Michigan's major media coverage of their water toxicity levels, Dr. Steve travels across the country for a comparative report on this national health crisis. Dr. Jesse Stoff is one of the medical interviews asked to describe Long Island's concerning state of health from a history of industrial pollutants and a contaminated aquefir. See video.

Media Activist for Awareness

Since the insurgence of Social Media & Youtube, Dr. Stoff has earned a powerful platform for his mission to alert the public about the real issues plaguing our local NY area. Each day, he meets patients who are symptomatic from of the Cancer Cluster of Long Island and it was this that drives his quest to arm the public with awareness. Over the years, he has amassed an incredible catalog of articles in his blog IMMUNOLOGY TODAY- which continue bring re-posted in many heath and wellness groups' Facebook accounts, Linkedin posts etc.

He continues the spirit of journalistic publication of free education and awareness in his quarterly newsletter distributed throughout his network of patients and local practitioners.

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Getting Personally Involved...

November 10, 2018 marked the first Male Breast Cancer Coalition Screening Awareness Conference held in NYC. Joined with NYCRA (NY Cancer Resource Alliance) to produce the first Educational Forum and Medical Presentation while celebrating their newly recruited medical experts in the MBCC Clinical Advisory Board including Dr. Jesse Stoff. You can see his recent on-air appearance with MBCC at the WBAB/WBLI "Plugged Into Long Island" show on 11/19/2018.

January 14, 2018- LLS celebrates their 70th Anniversary of fundraising to support nationwide blood cancer research. Officially called the Light the Night Appreciation Dinner, this special event also honors the Long Island chapter and the hundreds of fundraising and recruiting champions who attended-- one of them is a Westbury-based group of caregivers ( under the leadership of Dr. Jesse Stoff. "I am here to support my many patients who are battling this terrible disease... LLS has been an incredible supporter of the entire cause from the start and it was such an emotional night to find so many who truly care!"

In the summer of 2016, Dr. Stoff reactivated a nonprofit organization called S.I.M.R. (Stoff Institute for Medical Research) to conduct public awareness, educational campaigns and fundraising efforts for selected organizations as well as develop grant-finding resources for needy patients (see Through S.I.M.R., Dr. Stoff and Friends- (see embarked on the first wave of fundraising for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. They joined the annual production of the LIGHT THE NIGHT WALK an inspirational and memorable 2K walk where participants in nearly 200 communities across North America join together to support the cause by carrying illuminated lanterns to take steps to end blood cancers. A reported 5000 lanterns lit the night where each person brought even more family members and friends to fill Eisenhower Park with a night of complete support for survivors or lost loved ones. According to Kristina Curatolo, Sr. Director of Special Events, LLS anticipated to raise more than $1.36 million from the event, where post-event is expected to bring in significant follow-up $$. (See press release)

Battling Cancer On the Air

  Posted Jun 27, 2019 (First Responders Cancer Awareness TV)WESTBURY — NYCRA (NY Cancer Resource Alliance) and the First Responders Cancer Awareness group presents Part 3 of our program: "A REVIEW OF ALL CANCERS". Host Sal Banchitta, ret. FDNY brings you our "Walking Cancer Encyclopedia" - Dr. Jesse Stoff who presents the world of cancer care in a way that's easy-to follow and helps us understand our body's Immune System. Dr. Stoff is a world-renowned speaker and published author about this topic and is one of NYCRA's top clinical advisors and technical authorities in the field of Cancer Solutions.

Aired Nov 19, 2018 (Fios1)WESTBURY — A new blood test could help detect cancer as early as stage one, and one Long Island doctor says it could also save lives. The IvyGene test requires a few vials of blood to tell you if you may already be developing cancer cells in your body. “So far, if the test has come back positive, I haven’t had a patient where I couldn’t find a tumor,” said Dr. Jesse Stoff, Integrative Medicine of New York clinical immunologist. Dr. Stoff says he was one of the first doctors to begin using the test on patients since it came out a few a years ago. It can recognize early signs of breast cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, and lung cancer. (See video link) Also, see complete PRESS RELEASE

Aired July 31, 2018 (Fios1 Long Island) WESTBURY — By 2017, 359 cases of ALCL has been reported thus far and 9 deaths (2.5%) have been identified since the inception of this study where the majority of cases reported had textured implants versus smooth implants. Dr. Stoff was interviewed about his experience with breast implant-related disorders and his extensive history as a specialist treating immune deficiency disorders leading to cancer. (See video link)
Published on Jun 4, 2016 (LI News Radio 103.9)
June 2, 2016. Dr. Stoff was a guest at David Levenstein's "Out of The Box" where he was interviewed about clinical immunology and his views on today's health situation on Long Island. This one-hour exclusive covers a wonderful exchange of health-related and personal topics pertaining to a wide range of treatment options and how to live and work with chronic disease from diet, nutrition, stress, pain management, education and an overall upgrade in lifestyle.
Published on Dec 1, 2015 (The Navel Expo)
Every severe and chronic disease has as its basis as a trigger or promoter some level of severe immune dysfunction that accounts that illness. There's only five things that can cause immune damage: poor nutrition, infection, toxins, trauma and stress- put them together you have an acronym of the PITTS....which is easy to remember because it's the PITTS to be sick!
  In a recent on-air interview at WBAB/WBLI Station with Awareness for a Cure’s first partner organization- Leukemia-Lymphoma Society’s own Jamie Lamarca (Patient Access Manager), Dr. Stoff announced his new centralized awareness platform and a resource directory for disease patients. “I visit hospitals and oncology offices across Long Island to raise awareness about LLS and what we can do to help”, says Ms. LaMarca.
ONCOBLOT Feature: Dr. Stoff was featured as a medical expert providing his professional reviews one of many cancer-related diagnostic and treatment products. (Click to see video)







This is a pilot episode of Immunology Smarts (video blog)- an animated dynamic presentation written by Dr. Jesse Stoff. This chapter covers a concise study about the relationship between the immune system and the central nervous system. For more information and to view other articles, visit: You can also view Dr. Stoff's main website,

Jun. 25, 2019- NHP/ Retired Members Assoc. FDNY Conference- The NY Cancer Resource Alliance (NYCRA) presented their First Responders Cancer Awareness & Resource program at one of the largest RMA (Retired Member’s Association/FDNY)meetings this year. Earmarked by their giveaway button, “Get Checked Now!” has been educational mantra to promote the proactive self‐care message for all 9/11 survivors and career rescue personnel.. see complete press release | See VIDEO excerpt of presentation

Apr. 26-28, 2019- Orlando, FL. Male Breast Cancer Coalition 2019 Conference- An educational presentation delivered by the medical community's most powerful who's who in the specialized treatment of male breast cancer. This summit also assembles the many survivors of this devastating disease that's growing in numbers. Attendees from all over the globe have come to celebrate the MBCC's mission of awareness and loving support to the many diagnosed male victims while reinforcing the message of staying proactive. (see complete presentation & video)

Nov. 10, 2018- First Male Breast Cancer Joint Task Force Conference: Doctors And Survivors Build Future Plans To Save More Lives. This is the first Male Breast Cancer Coalition Screening Awareness Conference held in NYC. The Northeast Division led by Cheri Ambrose (co-founder) and her assembly of Male Breast Cancer survivors joined with NYCRA (NY Cancer Resource Alliance) to produce the first Educational Forum and Medical Presentation while celebrating their newly recruited medical experts in the MBCC Clinical Advisory Board. (See complete press release)

Oct. 23, 2018 - THE ROOTS OF INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE GOES BACK TO LONDON. The Prince of Wales was quoted in support of Holistic Health as saying- “The opposite of ‘integrate’ is ‘disintegrate’. We have seen far too much of this disintegration in our physical and mental health, in the health of society around us and in our ability to provide care for many of those who are chronically unwell". Dr. Stoff's educational pursuits for the application of inter-disciplinary medicines (from the many Eastern and Western influences) led him to a fellowship beyond our domestic shores and into the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (RLHIM). (See complete press release)

Oct. 12, 2018 - New York Onco-Immunologist Pioneers the Use of Advanced Cancer Test: IvyGene. Integrative Medicine of NY is one of the first clinical cancer facilities in the lower NY area to endorse and use the early detection and prevention lab test called IVYGENE. IMNY medical director Dr. Jesse Stoff is one of the first to support this new form of blood test by Laboratory for Advanced Medicine (LAM) that successfully confirms the presence of cancer as early as stage 1. It provides measurable data in the form of a score to make it easier to understand- while confirming the presence of cancer early, when it can be more easily managed and treated. The score can be used as a baseline to measure treatment effectiveness. (See complete press release)

Aug 23, 2018 - Growing Cancer Risks in Certain Implants: Long Island Survivor take Action- Public cancer activist Jennifer Hunt initiated her own plan starting with a line-up of what she calls her "cancer crusaders" about BIA-ALCL with the advisement of specialized doctors including Dr. Jesse Stoff (Integrative Medicine of NY, Westbury)-- a recognized medical expert in clinical cancer care and a leading medical authority in Onco-Immunology with an extensive history handling Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Dr. Stoff himself was involved in the major legal battle with Dow Corning in the mid-90's when their breast implants were found to rupture, causing auto-immune diseases and secondary cancers. (See complete feature in PATCH)

AFAC FEATURE- "Meet Larry Overcast-Retired Firefighter becomes Breast Cancer Missionary": Awareness for a Cure presents a survivor of Male Breast Cancer and establishes new alliance with Male Breast Cancer Coalition, an international org dedicated to the awareness and resource support. Dr. Stoff is a staunch supporter of rare cancer cases on the rise. He and representatives of MBCC will be hosted at WBAB/WBLI's Upcoming show "Unplugged Long Island" on Nov. 16, 2018. (See Complete Article)

Jun 12, 2018 - Dr. Stoff and Co. supports "Winning the War on Cancer" Book Launch Party Tuesday, June 12, 2018 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (317 East 53rd Street NYC). Hosted by internationally recognized cancer treatment crusader, Sylvie Beljanski, this event is also the GRAND OPENING of Maison Beljanski and the new headquarters of Natural Source International. As fellow NYCRA member and a trusted colleague, Dr. Stoff attended this highly connective event surrounded by many of the who's who in cancer therapy and cancer-related resources from the New York area.

Jun 9, 2018 - Support for Breast Cancer Fundraising - Each year, Awareness for a Cure, Dr. Jesse A. Stoff's philanthropic "project from the heart" ( promotes Breast Cancer Survivors and Survivors of All Cancers from Long Island and beyond to take part in LI2DAY's 13.1 Mile Walk around the beautiful Smith Point Park and surrounding neighborhood. 340 Walkers, over 200 volunteers and over 100 survivors went the extra mile in raising funds to fight cancer on Long Island. All walkers met up with survivors at the Smith Point Marina for lunch to celebrate their survivorship. It was a perfect day of togetherness, entertainment, and love (HUGS), concluding with an emotional procession across the Smith Point Bridge. For more info:

May 18/19, 2018 - Integrative Medicine of NY Attends "ANSWERS FOR CANCER SUMMIT CONFERENCE" THE ROSEN CENTRE, ORLANDO, fla. The international Integrative Medical expo and clinical conference produced by Ms. Annie Brandt's BEST ANSWER FOR CANCER brought together health and medical professionals worldwide for an educational set of presentations and workshops covering cancer related topics such as Targeted Therapies, Lifestyle, Detox, Nutrition & Immunity. Dr. Stoff presented Onco-Immunology and the use of research technologies pertaining to all the most current cancer treatment options. (Also see Stoff Oncology Reference)

Apr. 28, 2018 - Official Launch - an awarness and clinical response resource for 9/11 first responders to address the growing new cancer cases brought forth by the toxic dust of Ground Zero. This program is affiliated with the FealGood Foundation and is a joint venture between, NYCRA (NY Cancer Resource Alliance) and an established group of medical professionals who are experienced in the unique nature of 9/11 cancers. Co-founders Dr. Jesse A. Stoff ( and Dr. Robert L. Bard ( are spearheading patient care and diagnostics. See complete press release

Apr 28, 2018 - Publication of 911 Cancer Resource Blog - Co-founder Dr. Jesse A. Stoff ( is the first of a series of contributing writers to present actual research and experience-based articles reporting on the current state of health of the many victims, survivors and first responders who were exposed to the toxins and health hazards of 9/11. For complete access, visit:

Apr 2, 2018 - NYCRA (NY Cancer Resource Alliance) - Dr. Jesse A. Stoff joins as one of the Medical Board Members of a Linkedin-based community of professionals dedicated to the support of all cancer patients and survivors. This unique society comprises of all caregivers including medical professionals, authors, post-cancer educators, motivational supporters, community leaders, fundraisers and a host of other individuals who created a career out of survivorship- aptly called "survivors-turned-crusaders".

Feb. 23, 2018 - Rollout of Dr. Stoff's patented innovation "Stoff Oncology Reference" (S.O.R.) Web-based Medical Cataloguing Application System of ALL available Oncology Resources. This is a major step forward in accessing the most current medical information including treatment solutions available worldwide. Through the use of secure internet applications, this membership-based platform allows all medical professionals complete access to Dr. Stoff's research on the most expansive and useful collection of articles, medical reports and abstracts leading to a logic-based set of search paradigms custom designed to facilitate easy medical searches.

Nov 2, 2017 - Published "CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY Vol 1. "Integrative Onco-Immunology" - Dr. Jesse A. Stoff launches the first comprehensive text of this kind. This groundbreaking approach for treating cancer patients through the support of the immune system pays homage to the complexity of the human body and recognizes that no two cancer patients are alike, either in the underlying causes of the disease or in therapeutic treatment. THE STOFF PROTOCOL of treatment brilliantly gets to the root of the problem! This medical text is currently being distributed to accredited medical schools and medical libraries across the U.S. (For more info or to order a copy)


Feature: 1/2018 NEWS RELEASE:
Dr. Jesse Stoff Launches Awareness For A Cure:
A Long Island Cancer Support Resource

WESTBURY, N.Y., Jan. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- This year marks the 20th anniversary of Stoff Institute for Medical Research (SIMR) - a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Jesse Stoff dedicated to cancer research and the advancement of integrative medicine. As of early 2016, SIMR kick-started AWARENESS FOR A CURE, a local media-based resource program supporting all Island-based cancer charities. "With the help of my colleagues in the healthcare and care-giving communities, we produced AFAC to facilitate grant-searches for patients and survivors - and also to assist in the promotion of cancer charities, fundraising events and educational efforts," states Dr. Stoff. Publishers of AFAC News promote the achievements of local cancer orgs. "By listing & cataloguing grants, publishing fundraiser videos and posting the charity events all over social media, we have become advocates of the charities and a true ally to patients and survivors!" states Laurel Muckey, AFAC co-editor.



One of Dr. Stoff’s greatest allies in this philanthropic mission Ms. Annie Brandt (TX)- founder of BEST ANSWER FOR CANCER ( cancer survivor turned advocate and global educational crusader for the many treatment and survival options. BAFC is an international organization of doctors and patients working to shift the cancer paradigm from a one-size-fits-all disease-based approach to a patient-centered, integrative medical approach- supporting integrative oncology that addresses the disease while considering the uniqueness of each patient. BAFC became one of the founding partners for Awareness for a Cure ( by helping to of support the many notable organizations on Long Island. The new Long Island branch is committed to sharing all Island-based special events, spotlighting the vision of the founders and helping fundraisers seek out volunteers.

SUMMARY OF LINKS - Dr. Stoff's current practice. catalog of Dr. Stoff's published articles & blogs. Also see: Immunology Today - establishment of all of Dr. Stoff's published works - joint partnership with Best Answer for Cancer to form a non-profit cancer resource for Long Islanders. - NY Cancer Resource Allianace. - Educational cancer info-center for all firefighters and emergency personnel. - Wellness magazine concept and Video series.

From the Doc

"I believe we were put on this earth to enjoy the best that life has to offer- and we can do this right when we are feeling our best. It is unfortunate that nature strikes our mortal forms resulting in pain and suffering, but finding the answers to these natural mysteries (and) to resolve and overcome challenges is also part of our journey... and my life's work. As all problems await solutions, science and education are both on our side. It's all just a matter of time." - Dr. Jesse A. Stoff.

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